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Chord Electronics TToby now on Demo!




Hi all,

Just a quick blog to say that we now have the new Chord Electronics TToby power amplifier on demo, this can be used as a stand alone 2 channel power amplifier delivering 100 watts per channel into 4ohms but its main purpose for existing is to partner with the multi award winning Chord Hugo TT DAC / Headamp / Pre-amp. 

Put these 2 products together with a pair of speakers and a source and you have a very compact and highend digital system with one of the best DAC’s in the world at it’s heart, as the TT is also a very accomplished Pre-amp it really does make it an extremely versatile 2 box system. that can also drive any pair of headphones out there as again the headphone sections really is excellent, I have compared it against dedicated headphone amps and it really does hold its own without any compromise or loss of quality.

Anyway if you’d like a demo or even a home demo of TToby please feel free to get in touch.





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