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OPPO UDP-203 4K Player News!




Hi Everyone,

There is definitely a lot of interest in the new 4K Ultra HD Players from OPPO, I know what it is like when OPPO are about to release a new player from my time before starting HFL as I was always keen to get my hands on the new model and this is no different, as far as I am concerned no one makes a better disc spinner than OPPO.

So anyway the wait is nearly over as we heard yesterday that OPPO have signed off the UDP-203 to start shipping and we are expecting our initial batch to be with us at some point next week with another delivery due before Christmas so if you are interested in grabbing what will no doubt be the leading 4K player available please get in touch to discuss further or to reserve one as even though there are 2 shipments coming in this year stock is still going to be quite limited.

Also I should mention that the price has been set at £599 which is great news considering all the price increases lately since Brexit and finally I know a lot of people are waiting patiently for the BDP-105 replacement, the UDP-205, there is no concrete news on this at the moment other than it will be with us early in 2017 at some point, I guess it will be previewed at CES all being well.

So the 4K bandwagon is well and truly rolling now and it looks like 2017 is going to be the year for all things Ultra HD and HDR which I can’t wait for :-)




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