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Piega Speakers Now on Demo!




Hi All,

Happy New Year, let’s hope 2017 is a good one :-)

Just a quick blog to say that we now have Piega Speakers on demo, now I have to be honest that Piega was not a speaker brand I was really aware of until the Rep got in touch to see if I would be interested in having a listen, apparently they are a big brand in Europe but have never really ever got a footing in the UK market, I guess we have so many great UK speaker brands that it must be hard for a foreign company to make an impact.

Basically Piega are all hand made in Switzerland and like anything Swiss they do ooze quality and being that they use ribbon tweeters I was curious as we don’t have anything like that in HFL. So as I am always keen to listen to something new the rep brought in a pair of Classic 3.0′s and 5.0′s for me to listen to and in all honesty the last thing I need is more speakers so I thought I would have a listen and politely say many thanks but they are not for me, but in the end it was quite the opposite, I was so impressed with the level of sound for the money I just couldn’t resist so we now have a pair of Classic 3.0′s and 5.0′s on permanent demo and if anyone is interested in anything from the rest of the range we can call them in when required.

What I have since learned with Ribbon tweeters is that you get a very open and natural top end with no harshness or brightness but still getting all the detail, I do think it is quite a tricky component to get right but it does seem worth the effort once you hear it. So if you are looking for new speakers, which to be fair is probably the hardest part of any HiFi to buy then I would strongly suggest you give Piega a try as like me you may be pleasantly surprised.

Other than ribbon tweeters Piega are also known for their Aluminium cabinets for their higher end designs, you can see the full range below -

Any questions please feel free to get in touch.







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