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Window frame, now more metal than powder

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I spent most of the working day (short days, the more my spine gets cold / the more I do, the more the muscles tense up) forming and fitting repair sections to the window frame.

I made two sections to encapsulate the H section below the door/glass line. Each has a flat section approx 18mm then a hairpin fold (gapped approx 1.5mm, then after 4mm a 90 degree bend and the reaming is a flat of approx 5mm. It had to have cut-outs where the bolt tubes go.
They go together and then get welded on the 5mm section to in effect form a H section, but it's more of a outline around the H section. These were then welded to the existing frame, both the bit that had become separated and the remainder of the middle "leg of the frame. I cut a line across the metal where the glass is and folded the new metal such that is was a Z rather than the 90 degree and 5mm flat, this gave a fair bit of strength against bending.

Welding this new metal (zinc plated) to the existing rusted frame was difficult, even with the old metal cleaned. The problem was one of not having much material to absorb the heat, it was like the job of darning a net curtain, there was very little to weld to.

To try and strengthen the join of old to new I also applied a lot of windscreen adhesive to the joint between glass and new metal, I didn't prime it so it may or may not stick but it will at least have filled in around the glass to stop the new metal moving too much.

So the frame is back in, the rust holes at top joint have had some filler applied (bumper filler, so it's a black coloured glass fibre filler), still need to do a bit more shaping and filling, but it looks a lot better than it did and the frame is fairly resistant to moving.

I need to get some new rubber seals for the frame, the old ones are very brittle and most of the "felt" has gone so it make the movement of the glass fairly slow, even with some lubricant applied.

I guess tomorrow should be a day of going out to get stuff (rubber strip for windows, paint for bumper and spats, round bar to attach to exhaust* black paint for window frames (brush on not aerosol).

* The exhausts currently fitted seal but are a bit rough (they make my welding of today look tidy) and the sections over the drive shafts are made of spiral flexi. That's fine for getting the shape you need and not having to bend and weld a complex shape (assume they are home made) but it doesn't retain its shape of its own accord, so the pipes don't hold the silencers in place and so they can slip off the mountings. I plan to bend some round bar so that it follows the shape desired of the exhaust pipes, then band it to the flexi in a few places.
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