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Wilson Audio Speakers Now @ HiFi Lounge!




Hi All,

In preparation for the launch of our new showrooms we have bought on 4 new brands so that we have something to put in them :-) 

Firstly we are really pleased to add Wilson Audio Speakers to our portfolio, I guess this is what you call Highend as their speakers start at £18,498, hardly entry level, and go up to the £100′s of thousands for the newly announced epic WAMM.

To be honest I have read about Wilson Speakers for years now and how many respected reviewers consider them to be amongst a select few who really do make the best speakers in the world but in all honesty I never thought we would offer them at HFL but we are now 5 years in here and it is time to re-invest and I couldn’t think of a better speaker that I would like to offer our customers.

Wilson Audio were established in 1973 by David Wilson and are run from Utah, USA where all their speakers are designed and built. They are known for building highly rigid speaker cabinets. They construct their loudspeaker enclosures from non-wood materials such as phenolic resin composites and epoxy laminates. The cabinets are then painted using a high-gloss automotive process in a variety of colours. They offer a natural, delicate and open sound that get’s as true to the recording as possible, this is helped with Wilson’s use  of time alignment of the drivers which plays an important part of their design and look offering something quite unique.

Now the new showrooms should launch in April all being well and I wasn’t planning to un-box any of the new demo stock until the rooms are ready but I just couldn’t wait till then to start listening to the Wilson’s so yesterday I un-packed the Sabrina’s, we also have a pair of demo Yvette’s but they come packed in wooden grates so they will probably have to wait until we have a proper demo room downstairs in April as it will be impossible to get them up the stairs to our current demo room as they weigh a tonne.

Anyway it has been a while since we have done an un-boxing so this seemed like the perfect opportunity, they are a stunning looking speaker, they may look small but they are incredibly heavy and solid, it took longer than expected to un-pack them as the speaker comes wrapped in a protective film which took a while to remove and I have got demo’s all day today so am not going to get a chance to listen, they do look gorgeous though, roll on the weekend :-)

There really is nothing like Wilson Audio for both looks and sound quality so if you would like to experience these amazing speakers for yourself please come in HFL for an audition or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, you can see the full range below -

Anyway, On with the Un-Boxing :-)




















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