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Sabrina Listening Update - 1st Impressions!



Hi All,

I just wanted to update this as I had my first serious listen to the Sabrina’s once we closed the doors Saturday evening and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them ever since, sad I know :-)

Basically for the listening session I used a Chord DAVE, Aurender N10 Server paired with a Bryston BP26 Pre and 7B Cubed Mono Block power amps and Atlas Mavros Interconnects and Chord Sarum USB. Now to be honest what I have been struggling to comprehend is how such a small speaker can warrant a nearly £20k price tag but within the first few seconds of Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’ I knew they were going to be something special.

As everyone knows it is hard to describe audio in words as it is how it effects you emotionally that really can get the pulse racing but firstly the Sabrina really doesn’t sound like a small speaker as it gives a very big and wide soundstage with superb detail and seperation, but for me it was their speed and agility along with their attack that just amazed me, it is such a solid sound, yes they have a very tight and controlled bottom end but it is their transient attack that I found extremely addictive as I went through track after track and in the end I kept turning the volume up and end up hunting out tracks from Rammstein, NIN, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, yes these are a speaker that definitely rock, they do the subtler stuff also but their speed and attack just bought out my inner rocker :-)

So to sum up I can now see what all the amazing reviews that Wilson Audio Speakers get are all about, and what is amazing is that these are only their ‘entry level’ speaker, said in the loosest term of course :-) I really can’t begin to imagine how good the others in the range are, I actually have a pair of Yvette’s sitting in our store room waiting for our new showrooms to be finished, I think I may have to get them un-boxed before then somehow :-)

Yesterday I went to see the David Bowie Musical ‘Lazarus’ which was amazing so tonight I can’t wait to give my favourite Bowie album ‘Scary Monster’s’ an airing on the Sabrina’s which should be pretty special :-)

Anyway I’ll shut up now but needless to say I have been a little impressed with the Sabrina’s so if you feel you’d like to have a listen anytime please feel free to get in touch.





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