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New Bryston BCD-3 CD Player Now On Demo!




Hi There,

I have to admit that I am becoming quite excited about CD Playback again which has surprised me as I was quite keen to go over to streaming and wave goodbye to CD once and for all, a couple of years ago I really thought CD was dead and Vinyl and Streaming was all anyone needed now but just recently there has been quite a few excellent CD players released and there has definitely been more interest in CD players from our customers so it is great to now add the new Bryston BCD-3 to our list of CD players on demo.

I was a huge fan of Bryston’s previous CD Player, the BCD-1, when I found it was to be discontinued a few years ago I made sure I got one of the last ones from Bryston for use at home so when Bryston announced that they were going to enter the CD market again with the BCD-3 I ordered one straight away.

Basically from what I understand is that the BCD-3 uses Bryston’s excellent BDA-3 DAC at its heart for decoding partnered with a professional grade Red Book CD Transport and Bryston’s excellent discrete analog circuitry to give a CD player that will get the best from CD at a not too silly price of £3699 which to be fair would probably be the last CD Player you will ever need.

The only slight quirk is that it doesn’t come with a remote control but Bryston are doing a deal on their BR2 remote which normally retails for £500, basically if you buy one at the same time as the BCD-3 they will offer it at £220, alternatively you could always use a learning remote.

Anyway other than that it offers balanced and RCA analog outputs as well as SPDIF and AES digital outputs to go into another DAC and can even be put on the network and controlled via an tablet app.

So if you have got loads of CD’s and would like an upgrade please feel free to get in touch to give the Bryston BCD-3 a demo.







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