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We’re Expanding - HiFi Lounge Upgrade, 2 New Showrooms Opening Soon!



Hi All,

Many of you already know this but in true HiFi style we are upgrading :-) Well we are opening 2 more showrooms to be exact so I thought I would start a blog that I will update regularly with progress reports and pictures.

We are now in our 5th year, not quite sure where that time has gone to be honest but firstly Wendy and myself would like to thank everyone for your support over that time, it really has flown by and has been great fun. Looking back I would say We have tried to grow HiFi Lounge organically during that time adding brands that we think will fit in well with our portfolio with not too much crossover so over the last 4.5 years I feel we have grown steadily. A couple of years ago we took on another building and started Highend Headphones which is Wendy’s domain and has become a very popular part of HiFi Lounge, and then a couple of months ago the 2 stables that link HiFi Lounge and Highend Headphones came up for rent so it was decision time, now for the last 12 months HiFi Lounge has really been running out of space so we thought we would go for it and make a substantial re-investment in pushing HiFi Lounge forward again and signed the lease on the new buildings and started to think on what we would do with the new space.

So the master plan is 2 knock a few walls about to link HiFi Lounge and Highend Headphones to create one big space with several demo rooms offering HiFi and Headphones at many different price points, hopefully offering something for most people who are interested in quality music playback.

So the good news is that work started seriously a couple of weeks ago with the police monitored alarm and security camera’s going in which it could be argued is the most important part being how isolated we are, then all being well the builders are starting next week which could cause a little disruption as they have got to knock through into HiFi Lounge’s downstairs demo room to create a door into one of the new demo rooms + another one through to Wendy’s but then at least once that is done it will feel like real progress has been made. Then finally they have to got to put up a partition walls in each demo room.

In theory this should take a couple of weeks, then it is just a matter of installing appropriate electronics and networking, then making good and decorating, getting the carpet down and then start kitting out the new rooms, bizarrely enough it is the new sofa’s which could let the whole process down as they are going to take around 12 weeks to come in. Funny really as when the units came up I thought yes we’ll go for that but it isn’t until you get stuck in that you realise how much work and cost is involved into getting them converted for use as HiFi demo rooms, it will be well worth the effort though in the end, well hopefully :-)

So what are we going to use these new showrooms for? Well the first one that is going to lead off from HiFi Lounge is going to be a dedicated Naim room, we have most of the Naim range on permanent demo so it will be nice to have it all set up in one dedicated space. The 2nd new room is the cause for most of the investment as we have decided to dip our toe into the higher end of audio by bringing on brands such as Audio Research, dCS and Wilson Audio so that will be our Highend Room, so really looking forward to getting that up and running :-)

Needless to say we will announce plans for Open days once we have a better idea on how the work is going but we plan to hold 2 launch events hopefully around April time, one for the Naim room where Naim are going to bring along a Statement which we will hook up to a pair of PMC MB2 XBD’s or BB5′s and we will do another event to launch the highend room shortly after.

So that is the master plan for 2017, I will try to update this regularly with progress reports and pictures as the rooms start to take shape but here are a couple to get it all started.

External Views - From HiFi Lounge


The 2 New Stables To Be Coverted


From Highend Headphones


Internal - The Naim Lounge


The Highend Audio Lounge


Let The Work Commence With The Security Going In Fisrt!



Hopefully things will progress pretty quickly now.




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