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Passenger side window lift motor FUBAR

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Short day on car due to cold weather and my spine.

Anyway, fitted the new rubber seal to the driver's side window and the glass now goes up and down all the way, it stuck approx 1/3 way down with old rubber seal. That concludes the planned work on that door (forgot to check mirror function) so trim is back on although I do plan to replace the speaker at some point.

Passenger door, frame is worse than the other side was, I may be able to repair it as I did for the driver's side, I may have to just scrap that frame. I could see the bottom bolt fixing for the middle leg had nothing to attach to, the frame having rusted away completely leaving a gap of circa 2 inches. The leg near the back of the door isn't much better with it have swelled so much with rust it initially prevented the latching mechanism moving. I haven't looked at the front leg.
The window not moving up or down has been identified as a motor being FUBAR. It's the old black AC Delco type, the inside was full of rust, the armature was well worn. I've fitted a front one off a Range Rover, it isn't a straight fit but it's close. It does mean I need to change the wiring dramatically. The original motor relied upon one coil for up, one coil for down and earth via the motor body, the new one requires wired earth and power, one orientation for up the other for down. As it's a car designed to have relays I'll need to alter the wiring of those in the car, add a few connections and that should sort it.

Making progress, but very slowly now as my spine isn't recovering and I do not want to do anything that will cause it to go into a serious spasm again.
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Hi Andy, I don't suppose the white plastic bit and brushes are useable from the old motor? as i require this for my motor. i would be willing to purchase it or buy you a beer for it if it is. thanks peter

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HI Peter.

By White plastic bit do you mean the power plug? I think the brushes are OK and plug definitely is. You're welcome to them, I'll need a reminder on the day of or day before the next meet to put them in the car.

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Hi Andy, in my motor there is a white plastic bit that the brushes sit in and power leads come out of, was hoping to get that whole bit and just replace, however If your motor if different i could prob still use the brushes to fix mine.thanks. i'll remind for the feb meet.

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