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Video Walkthrough from HiFi Lounge to Highend Headphones!



Hi All,

Thought I’d try something different for a change and do a small video as on Thursday we finally broke through into Highend Headphones so no more cold walks outside and through the car park to go from HFL to HH so please see below for the internal walk through from HFL to HH.

I must admit it isn’t the best quality video, for the next one I won’t swing the camera around so much and will try and keep my hand steadier but it will give you the idea :-)

I would actually like to do some more video’s in the future but the trouble is being stuck on a farm it means our internet is painfully slow so it took me 8 hours to upload this video but I think we may be getting satellite internet soon so hopefully that will be a little quicker.

Anyway onto the video with my rubbish commentary :-)

Also we put our first piece of HiFi into one of the new rooms on Wednesday to see if the ARC Ref 75 would sit on the Quadraspire X Reference OK, luckily it just fits :-)


So the following week is going to be full on finishing off the electrics and decorating as the carpet is being fitted the following week as we found out also that the new sofa’s are being delivered the same week, it is almost as if we had planned this to perfection as it is all coming along quite nicely but in reality we have just bumbled through it all :-)




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