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Naim Lounge Launch Event April 22nd Hear The Naim Statement With PMC BB5 SE’s!



Hi All,

Well with the fitting out of the new showrooms really gathering pace now I feel confident enough to announce the launch event for our new Naim Lounge on April 22nd, no going back now :-)

Basically the plan is to hook up the Naim Statement with a pair of PMC BB5 SE’s speakers to create a very special system indeed that will most definitely test the acoustics of the new rooms but if we do our job properly should sound spectacular.

We will have representatives from both Naim Audio and PMC Speakers on hand to help run the day and answer any questions you may have as well as refreshments throughout the day.

Hear the new Uniti Range!


I think it is fair to say that the Naim Statement may be a bit on the expensive side for a lot of people so I am really pleased to announce that we will also have the new Naim Uniti Range on display and will be showcasing it in one of our other demo rooms so all being well you will be able to hear the Uniti Atom, Star and Nova hooked up to the new PMC Twenty5 Series speakers, this will be one of the first listenings outside of Audio Shows so I can see this being equally as popular as the Statement room to be honest.

So please put April 22nd in you calendar and feel free to come along to help us celebrate a new chapter in HiFi Lounge’s journey with the launch of our new Naim Lounge and get a chance to hear one of the best HiFi Setups available today.

The day will start from 9am and will go one until late so look forward to seeing you on April 22nd. Hopefully the so called ‘Highend Room’ will also finished so you’ll be able to look round this but we will be doing a different launch event for this shortly after.

If you are thinking of coming along please just fire me over a quick e-mail so we can get a rough idea on numbers to - [email protected]

If you fancy ordering a Statement and a pair of PMC BB5 SE’s anytime you can find a couple of links below for prices :-)

Naim Statement


PMC BB5 SE Speakers


Video Walkthrough from HiFi Lounge to Highend Headphones!

To try something different I did a walkthrough video last week once it was possible to walk internally between HiFi Lounge and Highend Headphones so if you’d like a look please click on the below link, I must apologise in advance for the poor quality, Steven Spielberg I am not :-)

Many Thanks,



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