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Rest of carpet in, well nearly, more trim in



The weather yesterday was nasty, cold and windy so I decided to get a hair cut and then not do much on the car. Today, it's wet, windy and cold but I did some more work on the car.

Yesterday I wired up the replacement motor for the window. Instead of chopping and changing the existing loom which then becomes a memory test for me in the future or a puzzle for any future owner I went for plan C (A= fit 5 pin relays in place of 4 pin and swap wiring to suit, B= wire as per later cars) which was leave the wiring alone until inside the door, fit two 5 pin relays using the two input power wires as both input power and input signal for the relays. Works but battery is now flat so musty charge it up.

Today I went for trim. I've re-glued the driver's side C pillar trim and roll bar trim (this time using brush on adhesive not the spray stuff I used before). I've fitted the front half of the head lining, the other parts I re-glued and the small fill-in parts near the door apertures.
I've glued the front part of the driver's foot-well carpet and little bit that goes over the lump under the seat. I've then fitted (using carpet clips) the other part of the driver's foot-well carpet and trimmed the after market poly mat and fitted that with the VW clip.
I went to fit the panel that covers up the relays in the driver's foot well and realised the one I had covered for the previous car but not fitted is not any use as it's a pre-SE type, so I'll just have to cover another one.

I've put the rear courtesy light in but cannot find any of the three replacements I purchased (job lot) for the one I sat on and broke.- edit, found them, walked past them over a dozen times today.

I was showing somebody the lamp type I needed for the driver's side (L734) and touched the passenger side on, it virtually fell off in my hand, so it's now a pair of those. I've had them on order for a couple of weeks but the seller hasn't managed to get them here yet.

I've bolted in the driver's seat.

I've bolted down the centre tunnel trim and fitted the bit around the gear stick and handbrake.

I've fitted a pair of front speakers, it had two but they were very tatty and not a pair. At £10 from Argos as an end of line reduction they seemed a reasonable bargain. Considering I used to spend several hundred per pair when I was in a car with a quiet engine but demanded exact sound reproduction that price seems like they should be CR*P but they are a reasonable pair by Pioneer

I've fitted the rubber doughnuts to the rear silencers. The longer-term fix of replacing the pipes or welding and banding bracing strips to stop the flexi pipe changing shape will have to wait.

That leaves a smaller list of things to do.
Once the carpet glue is dry I can put the accelerator stop plate back in.
I'll either have to re-trim the front cant rail/ windscreen section and sun visors or have them re-trimmed.Then fit them and associated parts.
I've that panel for the relays etc to carpet and fit.- edit, I've carpeted now to let it dry and fit it.
I've a few bits in the engine bay to fit (belt cover, air trunking etc).
Rear bumper and spats to spray and re-fit (bumper on so I can MOT test it if I wish).
AND the side repeaters. I may just get some cheap after market ones and use them for the MOT test then bother fitting the other later.

I want to pull the rear suspension parts (dampers and springs) and paint/ Waxoyl them

I'll sort out central locking at some point, probably after the MOT test.

So, it looks as though I'm getting close to MOT test time, had I not put my spine into spasm it would have been done a long time ago.


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