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Side repeaters= less skin on hands

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Cold outside today, but at least it was above freezing for a while.
I fitted the little metal plate that acts as part of the throttle stop, only a few mins of work but it does signify the end of the carpet fitting task.

The new side repeaters I ordered have not yet arrived, one set lost in post apparently, another set sent but the ones that arrived were the wrong type, they were sending another set but then realised their supplier had sent them the wrong type hence me getting the wrong type. Anyway, in desperation I've purchased some 2nd hand ones to do until the new ones arrive. They arrived lunch time today so I struggled and fitted them after I repaired them. It's a pig getting to the back of those, especially the driver's side as the back of the unit (where you need to get to with nuts and earth wire) is at the back of a metal plate with wiring and relays attached. As a result I now have several scrapes where the skin on my hand has been torn. Approx half way through I gave up and removed the metal panel, that made putting the repeaters on far easier. Unfortunately I undid the bolts on the panel not the bolts that hold the bracket for the panel so I then had to remove the bracket from the car, fit it to the panel and refit both to the car.

This job was not easy and made worse due to my size, I couldn't get my forearm across the foot-well, it is too long for that.

Anyway, several hours later and one side is done. The other side had half the problem, the lamp worked but the lens had become detached as the captive nut was no longer captive. Rather than another few hours of putting more stress on my spine (which now hurts like hell again) I put some CSM filler in the area the nut should be held and pressed the lens back on. Bodge? Yes, but I don't care.

Also arrived today was the radio, now to try and wire it in. The power leads in the car do not look very robust but each has a 10 amp fuse so must be capable of running that current which is the rating of the fuse of the head unit. I had hoped to get that done but decide I'd put my spine through enough for the day, upside down in the seat of an Excel with feet touching the rear screen and arms around the pedals is not comfortable.
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