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PMC Cor Amplifier Launch Event News!




Hi All,

Just got back from the PMC Cor Integrated Amplifier Launch event just over the road at PMC’s HQ in Biggleswade so just thought I would post a few pictures and news. 

When PMC announced that they were entering the domestic electronics market with their own integrated amplifier when launched at Munich in May a lot of people, including me, were very surprised, at the end of the day PMC make speakers, what do they know about electronics? well what a lot of people don’t realise is that PMC have been making electronics for as long as they have been making speakers as all their active systems have their own amplifier designs in that are all built in house, the first system PMC sold into the BBC 24 years ago used their own electronics which is still used today so they certainly have the pedigree but just haven’t shouted about it.

So the idea of the Cor is to give you a very dynamic sound with great control but to be virtually invisible when it comes to it’s sonic character and after listening to it today on both the Twenty5.26′s and Fact.12′s I would say that they have achieved their goal, it is my kind of sound, but the really clever part is the tone controls as no one really offers this anymore. There is balance, treble and bass controls that are on motorised sliders which have been designed by the same people that design the sliders that you see on mixing desks in studios and these are controlled from the bespoke remote control, this is actually a really cool feature as not all music is mastered brilliantly so to have some control over this is really helpful, or it could be that you have a particularly live room so you can alter the sound slightly to suit, the adjustments are in .05db steps so very small but quite noticeable, basically when neutral the light on the slider stays white but once altered it turns red so you know what the state of play is, you can even alter these settings then select the bypass button to compare.

It is definitely retro in it’s look and is much bigger than you expect to be honest but it is beautifully built and very heavy with the PMC logo being touch sensitive so you can turn on the unit by touching it.

So all in all this looks cool, sounds great with some excellent and almost unique features at this level and bearing in mind how many Customer’s PMC already have I can see this amp being extremely popular, it is only being built in small numbers by a select team at PMC so I can see them having to do some overtime once it is released :-)

We ordered one as soon as it was announced so hopefully that will be with us soon and we will hold an open day soon so watch this space.

To me it looks like PMC have another hit on their hands :-)




To show it’s size with standard iPhone on top.




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