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Postcard From Utah!



Hi All,

Well we are now in Utah for our Wilson Audio training, got in last night after an 11 hour flight which was a great opportunity to listen to loads of music, I have to say that anyone who hasn’t listened to Lorde’s new album yet, give it a try as it really is very good, especially track 8, also Royal Blood’s new album comes highly recommended. So anyway once landed we made it to the Hotel which is a bit special I have to say, my bedroom is bigger than my living room, everything is bigger in America I guess :-) 

So 2 things I have learned since being in Utah, firstly it is a Mormon State so until recently it was difficult to get a drink, even now in some places it can only be served with food, luckily in our hotel this isn’t a problem and also more interestingly men are permitted to have up to 6 wives, not sure if that is a good idea or just too much like hard work to be honest, interesting idea though.

So today was an opportunity to look round Salt Lake City before our 3 days of training commence tomorrow, firstly it was 100 Degrees today so pretty toasty which makes sight seeing a challenge but it did seem that this area is split into 2 very distinct parts, one part was super clean, with everything looking immaculate, almost like from a movie set, here there are stunning churches and the awesome Capital building then on the flip side we took a tram into what we thought was the town centre but there seemed to be a lot of poverty here, much like any big City I guess, but most of it is very well kept and has a very open and relaxed feel as the population is quite low so the streets are very quiet.

Anyway below are a few pictures before the fun part starts tomorrow, some really beautiful architecture out here but I really can’t wait to hear the bigger Wilson’s :-) Hopefully I will get time to update this over the next few days but our timetable does look pretty full on, don’t worry I don’t expect any sympathy :-)




Surrounded By Mountains.


Inside the Capitol Building!




Plus there are very straight roads out here, rubbish for Lotus Cars, we need corners :-)


But the Nacho’s are great :-)




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