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Wilson Audio Training Day 1 Update!



Hi All,

Just got back from our first day of training at Wilson Audio and what a great day it has been, we did spend a lot of time in their conference room learning various things like their history, told to us by John and Sheryl Wilson and how they started from their garage with pretty much instant success only to fall on hard times loosing their house then rebuilding Wilson Audio to where it is today arguably making the best speakers in the world, then we learnt about the materials used to build Wilson speakers, now I know why they weigh so much, then we covered web marketing, business models, then finished the day with an introduction to WASP or ‘Wilson Audio Setup Procedure’ which we will carry on with tomorrow and I think will be very helpful to get more out of my demo Wilson Speakers.

We also spent time in Wilson’s demo room, firstly listening to the amazing Sabrina’s, I really love these speakers, the clever part of the demo was that they were driven by about £4k’s worth of electronics proving that you don’t need to spend stupid amounts to get the Sabrina’s singing and they really sounded brilliant, then we heard the newish Yvette’s and I have to say they sounded much better than they do in our shop so it looks like I still have some work to do although I think once I have completed WASP training tomorrow I will definitely be able to get much more from my demo pair, they sounded truly epic though, the sound staging and imaging was incredible, they are very special speakers, for these a much more capable system was used comprising of a dCS Rossini  into Dan D’agostino amplifiaction, very nice indeed.

So all in all it was a great day and a really lovely bunch of people, it was nice to meet John and Sheryl who started Wilson Audio nearly 45 years ago but also their son Daryl Wilson who know heads up the design of their latest range of speakers, all down to earth people dedicated to producing speakers to create the best sound possible.

Tomorrow is a long day, starting at 7am and finishing around 10pm but it promises to be very special as we are going out to the Wilson’s home to be well and truly WAMM’d, speaking to guys that have worked at Wilson for over 20 years said that you really can not imagine just how good these speakers are, I am almost scared, roll on tomorrow :-)

Anyway below are a few pictures from today -


The New Alexia Series 2, Beautiful in the new Silk Finish





Sabrina’s in the Wilson Audio Demo room!




Then the Yvette’s took their turn



Daryl Wilson with his latest creation, the Alexia 2 and some weirdo :-)


Bring on the Mighty WAMM tomorrow,




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