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OMG, Life Will Never Be The Same Again, I’ve Just Been Wammed!



Hi All,

WOW, what can I say, firstly I just want to send out a massive thank you to everyone at Wilson Audio for making us so welcome and also to Absolute Sounds for helping organise this trip, today was a very special day indeed, also a very long one, started at 7am and it is now midnight and we have just got back so I will keep this short as I need some sleep, the first thing we did today was a Wilson Audio factory tour which was absolutely gob smacking, the attention to detail at Wilson Audio and work involved in creating a Wilson speaker has to be second to none, more on that in another post though as there is a lot to talk about there.

So the main event for today and possibly my entire life was being invited into the Wilson Family home to hear the WAMM - Master Chronosonic speakers, they are around £650k for the speakers on their own and nearer to £1 Million with the bass towers, to be fair I am not going to even try to describe how they sound as that really is a pointless exercise, needless to say I have never heard anything create music like this, on a few occasions the speakers really did disappear and the artists where in the room, their scale, dynamics, imaging and sound staging are like nothing I have ever heard before, on at least one occasion the slam of the bass made me jump, never had that experience before I have to say :-)

I couldn’t help thinking to myself that around 6 years ago Wendy and myself decided to sell our house to try and start a HiFi Shop and here I am sitting in the Wilson Family home listening to what has to be the most impressive speaker ever built that only a few people are ever going to be lucky enough to hear as only 70 pairs are only ever going to be built, what a good decision that turned out to be :-)

How I go back to reality now I will never know, tomorrow we are off to a recording studio that is kitted out with Wilson Audio speakers so another fun day by the sounds of it, in the meantime here are a few pictures from this amazing experience this evening -




Dave Wilson, describing his creation, such a nice guy :-)


The inner workings, these really are like fine Swiss Time Pieces.








Amazing, and thanks again to everyone who made this possible.




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