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Devialet Lost Recording Playback August 31st, A Truly Special Evening!




Hi All,

This is set to be a very special evening where in collaboration with Devialet we will be playing back the Lost Recording of Sarah Vaughan’s concert ‘Divine’ recorded Live at Laren Jazz Festival in 1975 amongst a tropical heatwave, it must have been some concert. 

What really stands out about this playback is that it will be from the Lacquer, which quite simply is the best analog playback medium there is, basically it is like a traditional record but the lacquer is so soft that it can only be played once as the needle destroys it as it is traveling through the groove and they cost £7000 each, very much like a fine bottle of wine that can only be enjoyed once.

So as you can see this is going to be quite a special occasion and a very rare opportunity to hear something quite special that in reality we will never get a chance to hear again.

We are also going to use this opportunity to use our new ‘Highend Room’ for the first time as we have finally now finished adding all the room treatment required and I am glad to say that it is now sounding excellent.

So for such a special occasion we will need a very special system so we will be using the brilliant Devialet Expert 1000 Pro into our Wilson Audio Yvette’s and using a Brinkman Turntable with a 12″ arm which is a requirement to play these lacquers.


Now it is possible to buy these recordings in traditional Vinyl form for between £90 - £120 each which we will have for sale on the day and these really do still offer exceptional sound quality with every Lost Recording limited to only 900 copies each so are very collectable and offer stunning sound quality.

Limited to only 25 People Unfortunately

I really wish we could offer this opportunity to everyone but due to space restrictions, we will try to squeeze as many people in as possible, we can really only fit a maximum of 25 people into our new room so if you would like to be part of this rare occasion can you please register your interest to my e-mail address below -

[email protected]

We will then monitor the interest and will maybe have to hold a lottery or something depending on demand.

More Information on these amazing Lost Recordings.

And the Lacquer’s in particular

Lacquer, the ultimate analog medium

The ultimate analog medium. A fascinating phenomenon. Cut from a single sheet of pure aluminium coated in nitrocellulose, lacquers demonstrate exceptional physical properties, making it possible to capture even the most intricate nuance and texture of a recording. Incomparably. And yet they are never supposed to be listened to, their sole purpose being to provide the master copy for vinyl cutting.

Few people have the privilege of experiencing this unique medium. The Lost Recordings collection is a rare invitation to explore and share intense emotion. In its purest and truest form.

Event Details

We are holding this event in our new ‘Highend’ Showroom at HiFi Lounge on August 31st, the presentation will start at 7pm but please feel free to come along from 6pm onwards for Champagne and Canapé’s.

For more information on the system we will be using please see below -

Personally I am really looking forward to this event, I was lucky enough to hear the recording on a lacquer a few weeks ago but it was in a big room so this will be amazing to hear it in a more intimate setting.

Look forward to hearing from you if you would like to attend.




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