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Martin Logan Impression ESL 11A Now On Demo!




Hi All,

This is just a quick one to let everyone know that we finally have the Martin Logan Impression ESL 11A Electrostatic speakers on permanent demo, I actually bought these late last year to replace our Montis Martin Logan speakers but the bass enclosure is much bigger than the Montis so I had to wait patiently until our new rooms were up and running before un-boxing as there is no way they would have fitted in our upstairs demo room.

So the good news is that they are all ready for action, the great thing about the 11A is that it is the first speaker in the new Martin Logan range which uses the much respected Anthem room correction software to tune the bass response to your room as the biggest challenge with any Martin Logan has always been blending the 2 different technologies of the electrostatic panel and the dynamic bass driver, something which hasn’t really been a problem for a while now but the Anthem room correction really does take that integration to another level and is really noticeable, it is very simple to setup, you just need a laptop and microphone, you then run the Martin Logan software which takes several room sweeps for each speaker then sets the EQ and loads it to the speakers, you can then easily flick a switch on the back of the speaker for EQ On/Off so you can hear the improvement, all very clever stuff.

As you can see from the pictures we have our 11A’s on the Townshend Seismic Isolation Platforms which also helps with the general presentation of the speaker as it isolates it from the floor freeing up the speaker to perform at it’s best, these can be used on any speaker and are definitely worth giving a try if you are looking for a noticeable upgrade to your speakers.

So if you are interested in demoing these new Martin Logan speakers or the Townshend Platforms please feel free to get in touch anytime.









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