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Getting colder so I'm slowing down

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Well, radio/ head unit in, but need to quickly pull it out and swap over two wires (I think), it's behaving as though power is cut when the ignition is turned off so I assume I have transposed permanent and switched positives.

Found the wipers park as normal when on wipe only but when they are used because of wash function they seem to park part way up the screen. That could be a motor out job. Darn!

Anyway, still need to Waxoyl parts of the underside before taking it out for its MOT and subsequent test runs, especially as the roads have now started being gritted. More concerning was that it refused to start on Sunday and again flooded its plugs. I think I'll replace them with another new set (think they were the ones the seller put in to get it going), so I'll go back to basics and replace that which may not be good.

I must check front wheel alignment before getting any real test mileage on it, even more so as the roads will have less grip at the moment. NOTE TO SELF, CHECK ALIGNMENT.

I think it's now a case of sorting the running and Waxoyling a few bits then get the MOT test done, even if it doesn't pass it will at least give me the fault list which I can work on and get the bumper back off for the re-spray.
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