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MOT test booked

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I've fitted new plugs, the correct spec ones not like those the person fitted to get it going and now it starts easily.
While trying to sort out the starting (should have replaced the plugs to start with) I mucked the timing up but that's back to 10 degrees now and the idle is nice at 900rpm.

I've pulled one of the fan motors apart, removed the flakes of magnet that were jamming it, cleaned up the inside, put back together and refitted it. The fans were running constantly with ignition on, I disconnected the otter switch and they went off, reconnected it and they stayed off. To me that means the relay is OK and not stuck but I may need to replace the otter switch.

The rear dampers, springs, brake joints, seat belt mounting plates have been covered in Waxoyl, it's a bit cold to get that stuff to move (2x hand sprayers wouldn't do it) soi resorted to the compressor and gun.

Rear seat back secured although I may need to pull it a bit tighter to the body.

Purge pump removed, tested, pulled apart. I found the motor did eventually rotate but it was then very noisy so after a trip to Maplin it now has a new motor and will be re-fitted .

I now need to re-fit a couple of trim panels and empty the car of tools (wheel barrow will come into play) then drop it off to the MOT station Sunday ready for the test on Monday.

It would be nice if it passed but I suspect it will fail, hopefully it's just not on too much.
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