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It's at the test centre

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I took it there today so that I don't have to do that first thing tomorrow, I think the snow that's here today may be ice by then.

Found another fault this morning.
The rear carb that I found was allowing the fuel to continue flowing even after the floats should have cut it off, well it made it into the no 4 cylinder. It locked the engine. I'd tried to start the car and the engine turned over slightly then stopped dead so I tried charging the battery again, it didn't even move on the starter that time. I assumed "the worst" as head gasket and pulled the plugs and found liquid on no4. Turned the engine over and saw a lot of fluid then vapour shoot out of no4 plug hole. Checked the fluid that had covered the inner wing and found it to be petrol.

Only an issue if the car is left with the fuel pump powered but the engine not running, so that's a re-build of the carbs as soon as it's back home.
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