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It failed

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Not much to worry me.

Headlight aim- I didn't check as I hadn't moved it.

The issues identified late Saturday then Sunday morning, carb needle not stopping fuel from pump, well I think that's most of one of the issues. It failed on emissions, being too rich and I think excessive fuel height in the chamber would do that, I already had it planned in to do a re-build of the cars due to the issue I found Saturday.

Advisory on one top ball joint, both will be replaced as I have them just in case.
Advisory on road wheels having lots of corrosion where tyre bead sits, again, have a set of refurbed wheels , not just in case, they are to go on here but wanted to drive it somewhere and only have to carry 4 wheels.
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Oh boy, the carbs had issues.
I pulled the tops off this evening and set about cleaning and fitting new parts.
I found the fuel level to be 1/8 of an inch higher in the rear carbs than the front.
Before dismantling I did a quick visual inspection of float heights, shocked at the sight I roughly measured them, 12mm and 9mm (back one), so compared to the 14.5-15mm that could help explain why I had fuel puddling in the venturi.
The front carb had a squashed filter capsule in behind the float needle seat, deformed by crushing, it also had the main gasket deformed, part of it had been folded back on itself (rubber type) so wasn't sealing correctly.

The fail for emissions was mainly CO, should be 3.5% and was giving 8.9%. I think given the above it would have been impossible to adjust the air bleed to get it to pass.

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Well, I couldn't get the CO down far enough to pass without it misfiring so I got the MOT station to do it. It took them a while but they managed it, just within the CO and just within the HydroCarbons limits, so not what it should be but it passed the MOT test. I'm going to have a look at the rest of the options to try and find the underlying issues. Could be timing, could be spark, could be carbs need the full overhaul I have planned to do. I doubt it it's not due to stale petrol as the fuel ran virtually out and had 20-30 litres of fresh added recently.

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