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HiFi Lounge Installs!



Hi everyone,

Just recently I have started posting pictures from our installs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, with the customer’s permission of course, and this has proved very popular so driving to work today I thought that I really should post these on our here also as I know not everyone lives on social media so here we go.

McIntosh / PMC / Naim / Michell / Atlas / Quadraspire!


This is a nice one to start with, basically this customer first saw McIntosh over 30 years ago and it has stayed with him ever since and he always promised himself one day he would own a McIntosh system, well yesterday was that day.

It was a really straight forward install that went very smoothly and at the end sounded absolutely brilliant as in all honesty you never quite know what to expect as every room is different but on this occasion the whole system really sung.

It basically comprised of the following components -

McIntosh  MA5300 Integrated Amplifier

McIntosh MCD 350 CD/SACD Player

PMC Twenty5.23 Loudspeakers

Naim Uniti Core CD Ripper and Server

Michell Engineering TecnoDec with Dynavector 10x5 Cartridge

Quadraspire SVT Rack in Bamboo

All connected up with Atlas Hyper Cables -

So certainly not a cheap system but a system with great synergy non the less.

From This - 


To This -





Sabrina’s Back in the our Naim Room!

This has nothing to do with yesterdays install but after a few weeks of trying different speakers in our Naim room it has been really good to get the Wilson Audio Sabrina’s back in there, they really do sing with Naim and in all honesty I would say these are one of my favourite speakers of all time, for their size they really are incredible so please feel free to come in for a listen anytime.




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