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It's taxed

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Waiting for tax disc to arrive so I can try it on the road.

Today I worked on the carbs, balanced them to get air pressures aligned and it does seem to run a little better on tick-over and rev up nicely but the real test will be when it's on the road.

I've replaced the otter valve (complete with ali tube) with one I ad in the store and the fans no longer come on as soon as the ignition does, they do however come on when it gets hot so that's a good sign. I've replaced the rusty header tank with one I'd repainted so that's a little tidier.

I'm now really keen to get it on the road and find out how it behaves while driving, hopefully that tax disc will arrive soon.
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All being well, yes.

I still has a list of things to be attended to, Fiz didn't realise I had literally printed the list out on A4 and was ticking things off. The main thing will be a test run to check for no misfiring.

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I am a retired engineer (not cars!) living in Spain. I am restoring a 1984 Excel because I must be a masochist. Can you please tell me what the connector in the centre of the inlet manifold and the solenoid on the end of the carbs is for? Much appreciated. Thanks Richard

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