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Boys Toys Day 2018 - ‘The Need For Speed’ - May 26th!




Hi Everyone,

Well I must admit that I wasn’t planning on holding a Boys Toys event for this year but with what seems like an incredibly long winter and also what with my Radical exploits we have decided to do a bit more of a laid back BTD this year, nice and early in the season just as an excuse really for everyone to get their cars out and take them for a nice spin, I know I can’t wait to get out on the road again, we always have a great turnout of Lotus Cars at this event so be great if we can keep that tradition going 🙂

So to sum up this years BTD in a nutshell, basically we will be at the shop all day with the BBQ going for breakfast and lunch so feel free to come over anytime from 10am - 4pm in your pride and joy to spend a few hours with like minded car enthusiasts and we will have our showrooms open playing some of the best HiFi out there, it really doesn’t matter what car you have, if you love driving then please feel free to come over.

In Conjunction with Radical Cars and UPE Motorsport


I am sure most of you are aware that in a moment of madness I decided to sign up with Radical Cars earlier in the year to enter their SR1 Cup championship, if you haven’t heard about this then my progress can be followed from our motorsports page below -

I have to say it has been a daunting, scary and equally exciting and exhilarating  ride so far so I am really pleased that Dom from Radical Cars will be bringing something special along for the day and also Darren from UPE Motorsport will be bringing my race car along and both will be on hand to answer any questions and to explain how going racing with Radical Cars and UPE is a very easy process, be great to have some of you guys joining me on the grid :)


Simulator Setup, Beat my time for Hospitality at our Silverstone Round!


So this is a bit of fun bit where ‘The Need For Speed’ part comes in, basically I will be bringing in my sim setup that I have been using to get as much practice as possible for the real thing and I have to say now that I can compare the 2 this does get really close, well other than not preparing you at all for the fear of cornering at high speed, but it has been a great help, I will set a time on Project Cars 2 in a Radical SR3 around the Silverstone National circuit as a benchmark and whoever sets the fastest time will win a HFL Racing fleece and the top 5 times we will give full hospitality with Radical for our Silverstone meeting on 23rd June and I have to say the food these guys put on is exceptionally good + you can spend all day in the paddock seeing how a race weekend all works.


So basically this year is just an excuse to take your car out for a spin, get some free grub, talk to fellow Petrolheads, have a go on a sim and listen to some great hifi, if you do fancy coming along could you please just fire a mail over to my e-mail address so we know how many to cater for, thanks -

[email protected]k

Hope to see you on May 26th between 10am - 4pm, now we just need to pray for some sunshine.

For those you haven’t been here before please find our address below -

  • HiFi Lounge
  • 4 The Granary Buildings

  • Millow Hall Farm 

  • Millow 

  • Bedfordshire

  • SG18 8RH

  • Tel - 01767 448121



Here are a couple of pictures from last years event, thanks to Bibs for them -





Here are a couple of pictures of some of our showrooms where you can relax and enjoy some tunes - 





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