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Something ‘Phenomenal’ Coming From PMC Speakers, 11 Days and Counting!



Hi all,

Everyone knows that we are big enthusiasts of PMC Speakers so when we get notification that at the Munich Highend Show they will release ‘an extremely significant audio design’ we sit up and take notice.

The good news is that the Munich Show starts 10th May so we really haven’t got too much longer to wait, you can follow the link below where all will be revealed, with the words ‘Phenomenon’ and ‘Flagship’ being used I am expecting this to be something very special indeed, the only clue we have so far is the picture released above, anyone got any ideas? -

Below is a copy of the press release from PMC -

‘For over 25 years, the Emmy-winning design philosophy behind PMC’s loudspeakers has been to eradicate everything that isn’t music, such as unnatural resonance, distortion and noise. This has taken years of obsessive attention to detail at all stages of product design, from component selection and placement to construction, testing and - most of all - listening. 

PMC loudspeakers are now found at all stages of music creation, used by the world’s leading composers, in the finest recording, mixing and mastering studios and in audiophile listening environments everywhere. Our intimate involvement at all levels of musical creativity means that we know what it is to capture all the emotion in a performance. 

This accumulation of vast skill and knowledge has been applied to a flagship loudspeaker of ultimate transparency and clarity that will be unveiled at this years High End exhibition; Room F123. It will be a highly significant day for the audio world.’

Needless to say once we know more I will update our website, just wish I was going to Munich this year to find out first hand, not long to wait though.

All very exciting!




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