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OPPO 4K Player Availabilty Update!




Hi Everyone,

I am sure everyone has now heard the very say news that OPPO are leaving the domestic hardware market to concentrate on their mobile phone market which apparently is the biggest part of their business, I think this news has come as a shock to many, myself included, I have been using OPPO players long before setting up HiFi lounge so this news is certainly going to leave a big hole in the market for quality and affordable disc spinners and I think that I will always remember where I was when I heard the news very much like when I heard that Pioneer were pulling out the Plasma TV Market, an equally sad day, but the world continues :)

The good news is that we have just heard that OPPO have setup their European warehouse as promised, I understand that this is where all the remaining stock for the UDP-205 and 203 will be held so we can still supply at the moment, I have no idea how long this stock is going to last so if you want one of the last OPPO players then please feel free to get in touch asap so as to make sure you don’t miss out, I know I will be ordering a UDP-205 for myself.




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