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OMG! PMC Announce The Fact Fenestria Flagship Speaker!




Hi Everyone,

So I don’t know how many others watched the clock tick down on PMC’s website for the big reveal but I have to admit I wasn’t expecting what I saw, absolutely stunning design, in a nutshell this is the Flagship Fact Speaker that has been rumoured for many years now, apparently 5 years in development, they will cost £45,000 a pair and are named the Fact Fenestria, I really can’t wait to hear these, needless to say we will be having a Fenestia open day as soon as possible.

You can read more below on PMC’s website -

+ The brochure can be read below -

Apparently they stand at 1.7m tall, I am just glad we have now got bigger demo rooms, wouldn’t have liked to have got them up the stairs to our original demo room :)

Apparently PMC have called these ‘the speaker you will never hear’ as the 5 year development has all been about eliminating any distortion or colouration the speaker my induce so all you will hear is the music, I’m really pleased to see the PMC 75 mid range driver on them, as a MB2 owner for many years I know just how good this mid is.

They will be available from September onwards in the standard Fact finishes of Walnut, Graphite and Tiger Ebony.

This really is a statement speaker from PMC that really does move them into a different arena really as I know a lot of us have owned IB’s, MB’s and even BB’s at home but although these are tall they are much more domestic friendly and really take on the likes of Wilson Audio and the likes, I really can’t wait to have a listen, more info as we get it.








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