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2 Exciting New Products Unveiled By Chord Electronics At Munich, The Hugo TT 2 and Etude Amplifier!



Hi Everyone,

So now the dust has settled to this years Munich Highend Show, which looks to have been a great year, it’s time to look back at what exciting new products we have to look forward to for the rest of this year.

Hugo TT 2 DAC / Headphone Amp / Pre-Amp


For me two of the hottest products have got to be from Chord Electronics, the first being the Hugo TT 2, as a Hugo TT user at home I have been eagerly awaiting for the new Rob Watts FPGA chipset seen in the Hugo 2 and Qutest to make its way to a revised Hugo TT and here it is and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

With revised casework it also offers a more powerful headphone side, 4 different filter settings, lower noise floor and has removed the internal battery as seen in the original TT.

It will be available around Autumn time priced at £3996 which bearing in mind the only DAC more powerful than Hugo TT 2 is Chord’s own DAVE then it is great value, we will have a Hugo TT 2 on demo asap and if you would like to get to the front of the queue for one once available then please feel free to get in touch to place your order, we would just need a 10% deposit and are happy to look at anything regarding trading in any other equipment.



Choral Etude Stereo Power Amplifier


So this is big news for Chord as it is the first time in nearly 30 years that they have developed a new analogue topology which heralds a new era for powerful, wide bandwidth, low noise and low distortion amplifiers that will no doubt filter into other Chord amplifier designs going forward.

This new amp is conservatively rated at 150 Watts Per Channel into 4 ohms in stereo mode or 300 WPC in bridged mono mode with the new design giving faster power delivery than existing Chord Electronics designs, offering ‘unrivalled dynamics, a life-like delivery of transient information, plus effortless control over loudspeaker drive units’ according to Chord.

It is designed to be part of Chord Choral range so is the perfect partner for DAVE + BLU II which when the 3 are stacked in Chord’s really cool Choral Stands makes an extremely high-end and stylish system that does’t take up loads of floorspace.

Bearing in mind how many DAVE customers there are out there I can see this being a very popular product for Chord to complete customers systems, it is due around Autumn and will be priced at £3900 making very attractively priced, needless to say we will have one on demo asap.




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