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Boys Toys Day This Saturday -Update!




Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update regarding this Saturday’s Boys Toys Day, I guess the main thing is that the weather is looking good with cloud and sun and hitting a rather nice 72 degrees, so the perfect weather to take the car out for a spin, we've got a fair few Lotus's coming along but the more the merrier so please feel free to come along if you fancy a drive.

We’ll be spending all day Friday setting up, well saying that most of it will probably be trying to set a time on the Simulator :) even Wendy has been practicing at home and isn’t actually too bad for a first attempt, we will be putting the sim in our upstairs demo room in a full 5.4.1 Atmos setup, we have also ordered a large cork board so we can post everyones lap times on there, just like the Top Gear leaderboard :) with the top 5 times getting full hospitality at our Silverstone Radical SR1 Race on June 23rd, We’ll also have our Naim Room and Highend Room playing some music through the day with a small headphone system setup also in the headphone room, although to be fair I expect everyone to be outside enjoying the cars, weather and BBQ.

Watch Those Cattle Grids!


Radical are bringing along their bonkers RXC Road car for us to drool over and UPE Motorsport will be bringing my Radical SR1 + one of their racing Caterham’s to help try and tempt any motorsport fans on to the track.

A heads up if you are bringing along a really low car, when you turn into Millow Hall Farm don’t follow the signs to The Granary Building as that will take you over the cattle grids and speed bumps, go straight on and that will take you round the barns into the car park which is much easier.

So everything will be set for a fun and relaxed day, we’ve actually cleared out the local butchers of burgers and sausages :) so if you love your cars and music please feel free to join us between 10am - 4pm this Saturday.

Now I just need to find the time to get my car cleaned :)

Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.




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