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Melco Open Day June 9th, For Those Who Want The Best From Their Digital Music!




Hi All,

I’m pleased to announce that our next open day isn’t too far away, we will be holding an event in conjunction with Melco on Saturday June 9th between 10am-4pm, Melco really are the leaders when it comes to digital servers and players whether it is to feed an existing streamer or to feed a DAC direct as a player, Melco really does get the best from your digital music collection.

We are really pleased to say that we will have Alan Ainslie here for the whole day, a lot of you may already know Alan from his time at Naim Audio where he helped develop their range of servers and streamers, well he is now applying his expertise at Melco, when it comes to digital music there really isn’t anything Alan doesn’t know so if you have any questions please feel free to come along and pick his brains.

Why Melco?

For me the beauty of Melco, other than the excellent sound quality of course, is firstly it’s ease of use whether that is ripping your CD’s directly to it or moving your existing library over to it or even downloading direct from to the unit, it really has been designed to take the hassle out of storing your digital music and all the components have been designed with the best audio results in mind, it isn’t just a NAS Drive in a HiFi case, it can also be used as a CD player to feed your DAC and backing up is also made very easy, another point worth mentioning is that the Melco range has 2 network ports which really is a stroke of genius, so one sits on your network whilst the other feeds your streamer direct so there is no need for your music to travel over the whole network resulting in much better sound quality from your streamer, but the main reason to add a Melco I would say is to get the best sound quality from your digital music collection whether that is CD rips or HiRes music.

Digital Discussions

There are 3 different models in the range, the plan for the day is to run different presentations throughout the day explaining the virtues of what Melco can bring to your HiFi System, we will have all 3 models setup in our Naim demo room so that you can hear the difference between the models.

The idea is also for Alan to do a small talk on digital music and the Melco players, we are aiming for one presentation around 10.30am and another just after lunch at around 2pm, talking of lunch, if the weather is on our side we will be firing up the BBQ :)

So basically if you are looking to get into streaming and storing your digital music collection somewhere or you are already up to speed in this area but have some questions or you simply want to get the best from your digital music and would like to hear how Melco can help you achieve this please feel free to come along, you can read more about the 3 Melco models below -

We will also have a Melco server running in our Highend Room and also our Headphone room so you can see and hear them in action is a variety of different setups so help show how versatile they are.


If you are planning to come along please can you just send me a quick e-mail to the below address, thanks -

[email protected]

Since I have been using Melco regularly myself I have been totally won over so please feel free to come along to find out for yourself how a Melco server can slot into your system and help take it to another level.

Look forward to seeing you on the 9th.




Melco N1A Internals


Melco N1ZS Internals with Audio Grade Solid State Drives





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