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Silverstone Testing Lap + Free Hospitality Results from BTD Day!



Hi Everyone,

Our next Radical SR1 race is at Silverstone on June 23rd and in preparation for this I was out testing on Friday to help get more familiar with the car and also with the track, I have to say this was the first time I have been in the car and actually not been scared :) I actually started to feel relaxed in it and really enjoyed the day, I think it helps that even though Silverstone is a fast track it is very wide with large run off areas, I have watched many of my heroes over the years race around here, there is just so much great history, it really was epic to drive a race car around here myself :)

We were testing on the full Grand Prix layout which was great fun but for our race we will be on the National layout which is much shorter but I am really hoping I can be more competitive here, at the end of the day there are only 5 corners, how hard can that be, famous last words :)

Anyway, please find a lap from Friday’s testing, not sure if it was my fastest time as my telemetry was all up the spout, it still amazes me how fast it feels in the car but when I watch it back it really looks like I’m not even trying, I can definitely see where I can improve though which is good news, especially as there were a couple of mistakes on this lap, thanks again to Daz at UPE Motorsport and Tom, my coach, for helping me get the best out of the day.

Silverstone Hospitality - June 23rd

So for this years Boys Toys Day we said for the top 5 times on our simulator we would offer free full hospitality and free entry to our Silverstone race on June 23rd, so please see below for the top 5 times, if you are on this can you please e-mail me on the below address, also for £30 a head if you’d also like to come along and take advantage of Radicals brilliant Hospitality package please let me know.

[email protected]

The Top 5 Times.


Everyone else’s times.




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