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We're Racing In The Radical SR1 Cup at Silverstone This Saturday, How Exciting!




Hi Everyone,

Just a quickie to say that I will be racing our HiFi Lounge Radical SR1 at Silverstone this weekend, now there is a sentence I never thought I’d be saying :)

When we signed up for the SR1 Cup at the start of the year this was the race that I circled on the calendar as the race I was most looking forward to, firstly I have actually driven this track once on a track day last year and also, it is Silverstone :) For me it doesn’t get any better than this, the first Grand Prix I ever went to was to see Nigel Mansell win in style in the Williams in 1992 and I have been back countless times since so to actually follow in so many greats footsteps and actually race myself at this brilliant track is a big tick on my Bucket List.

National Circuit


I will be practising on Friday with Qualifying and 2 races on Saturday, we are running on the National Circuit which really only has 6 corners so I expect the races to be pretty frantic but good fun hopefully, I think my main challenge will be taking Copse fast enough as fast corners have been my main weakness so far but I am definitely getting a little braver each time out in the car so hopefully that continues and I don’t run out of talent :)

We have quite a few friends coming along to watch which is great but if you can’t make it along you can follow our progress on TSL Timing, link below -

And also here is the timetable, a nice early start for Qualifying.




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