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Roon Nucleus Servers Now On Demo!




Hi Everyone,

Sometimes it really is a now brainer to bring on a new brand and this was the case when looking at the Roon Nucleus Servers, personally I have been running Roon at home for quite some time now and I really wouldn’t want to go back to life before Roon, it really is a game changer if you stream your music.

Roon can be a little difficult to explain but one thing is for sure once you have experienced it then there is no going back. Basically if you stream your music then Roon is the ultimate app, the one app to rule all other apps really, it is an extremely metadata rich piece of software which you control from your phone, tablet or computer that has so much information embedded in it that browsing your music collection becomes a real adventure. For Roon to work then the Roon Core needs to be running somewhere, this is where the Roon Nucleus products come in, these are optimised to give you the best Roon experience and they really do work, for ages I had been struggling to get the Roon Core to see my Synology Nas drive when installed on my MAC, in the end I gave up but as soon as I installed our new demo Nucleus+ at the weekend it saw my Nas straight away and started scanning my music collection straight away.

A word of warning, don’t try Roon unless you are willing to sign up for the yearly or lifetime subscription packages as once you have tried Roon there really is no going back. As good as other streaming apps are nothing comes close to the ease of use, beautiful interface and information contained within Roon, basically it is the ultimate interface for managing and streaming your music. It can be a little complicated to start with but with the Roon Nucleus products this has been made extremely easy and will also give you the best Roon experience, personally I love Roon Radio, baically once an album has finished that you have selected Roon will carry on playing similar music to that album using your muisc collection and Tidal which is a great way to find new music.

So if Roon sounds like something you would like to experience and discuss in more depth then please feel free to come into HFL to see what all the fuss is about.









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