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A bit further back

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Last night (having picked the car up from the tyres being fitted to the refurbished wheels) it was missing on one cylinder, I initially thought it must be incorrect choke, pulled in after 1/2 mile and found no 4 plug lead not on fully, put it on and set off again. No difference but I thought the plug could be so soaked with fuel it will not spark, maybe the warmth of the engine will dry it out and it will start to fire correctly.
Nearly home and while decelerating for a roundabout I get a couple of exhaust pops and then the exhaust note gets very loud.
Today I tried to resolve the misfire but haven't as yet (see technical section for odd misfire symptoms) but found the exhaust issue.
The exhaust explosions had finished off the exhaust down pipe but not where I expected. Rather than the one remaining wall of the twin wall pipes it had blown the conical joint off the pipe where it enters the centre box. I had a down pipe but found it was too short so put a new flexible section on and extended the length so that's much better.

While under the car getting to the nuts of the lower front damper fixings I found water coming down the engine, water pump failed much as I expected it would once it was used again after 5 - 6 years of not running.
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