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Devialet Announce The Expert 140 Pro and Dual Mono Expert 210 Pro!




Hi Everyone,

Devialet have refreshed their Expert Pro range, firstly the Expert 130 Pro has now become the Expert 140 Pro giving another 10 watts per channel and equally as importantly the price has been reduced to £4490 which does make the entry point to Expert Pro extremely competitive when you consider what you get performance and feature wise.

Also Devialet have announced the Dual Mono Expert 210 Pro making the entry point to go Dual Mono with Devialet much more affordable, it really does give a substantial upgrade to run 2 Experts in Dual Mono configuration and with the Expert 210 Pro costing £8900 this really is great value.

Another point worth making is that if you have an Expert 130 Pro, with a firmware upgrade you can take it to a 140 Pro and then add another 140 Pro to give you an Expert 210 Pro dual mono configuration, until now it has never been possible to go Dual Mono with the entry level Expert so this is great news also.

In a move to make the range easier to understand Devialet have also decided to not offer the Companions as separate products now so if you have a single Expert Pro and want to go Dual Mono then you just buy another Expert Pro this means the range now consist of 3 Stereo products and 3 Dual Mono products which is much tidier.

I have ordered an Expert 140 Pro for demo which should be here any day now which will mean we have the full range of Expert Pro on demo including the new Expert 210 Pro so if you’d like to come in anytime to experience just how good Devialet Expert Pro is please feel free to get in touch.

Please find the full Expert Pro range below -



The Expert 210 Pro





The Expert 140 Pro



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