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Magneplanar MG 3.7i Speakers Now On Demo, One Of My Favourites!




Hi Everyone,

Now this is a blog I have been meaning to write for a few months now but for whatever reason I never seemed to find the time which is crazy really as it is regarding one of my favourite speakers that we have on demo at HFL.

All the products we have in here are pretty awesome to be fair but I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t have a few favourites and when it comes to any Maggie well they are right up their giving something truly different, one of the most natural presentations I have ever heard, obviously for their size they are not going to be for everyone, but if you can accommodate a Maggie I know there would never be any regrets and they really are incredibly good value considering their performance.

So the point of this post? well a few years ago I had a pair of Magneplanar 3.7′s in here and I was absolutely smitten, they really did leave their mark on me, but we just didn’t have the space to put them on permanent demo well the good news is that with our new’ish showrooms we can definitely now easily fit a pair in so one of my fist jobs once the new showrooms were finished was to order a pair of 3.7i’s for permanent demo which we now have here :)

So if you are a bachelor or have a very understanding wife and really would like to experience something totally different please feel free to come in to listen to the 3.7i’s or alternatively we also have the 1.7i’s and .7′s on permanent demo, I am never happier than when I am doing a Maggie demo :)







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