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Time For A HFL Van Upgrade!



Hi All,

So 6 years in it is time for some new HFL wheels, now I must stress that this change was bought on solely by necessity and not because I thought the new van looked cool :)

In all seriousness though as the business has grown my good old Ford Connect was struggling to cope as the speakers have got bigger and transportation space was a real issue, especially with Martin Logan speakers which are bigger than most.

Farewell My Old Friend!

I have to say I felt a bit sad when my trusty old Connect was trailered away as we started our partnership just before starting HFL with no idea what lay in store but over the 6 years it never let me down once and in the end we covered over 75,000 miles together delivering and installing HiFi all over the country, it really was a great partner.


Well Hello There!

Once the new van was delivered though I soon got over my feelings of loss :)

I had it in the back of my mind that I needed a bigger van for some time but didn’t really know what I wanted, well that was until I was in the paddock at Silverstone and a Ford Transit Custom MS-RT drove past, needless to say the rest is history, basically a Transit Custom is given to Fords Rally team who dismantle it, fit sports suspension, body kit, new wheels and interior, tickle the engine a little then give it back.

The coolest thing is on the option list there is something called a MaxHaust, have to say it is one of the coolest audio gadgets I have ever played with, if you are ever in HFL just ask for a demo :)

As I said at the beginning, this van was solely bought as a workhorse, nothing else 😉

Delivery Day!


Let’s get some stickers on it!







Right, I’m off to play with my exhaust :)




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