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More done- one damper on, water pump off

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I had to get my hair cut this morning so it delayed the start a bit, with breakfast it was effectively 10:00.

I started trying to remove the water pump with the bonnet on but very soon decided I'd need if off as it would save time overall. I gave up and removed the timing belt as well. I decided given the choice, struggle with two suborn bolts into cast ali that secure the steering pump bracket to the water pump or remove one bolt from the sump and do those two bolts using the bench vice, the one sump bolt was soon out.

I spent ages looking for,
1) refurbished water pump I lent Terry (I may have not collected it back from him)
2) water pump refurbishment kit. I know I have one somewhere.
3) Brand new water pump.

After a couple of hours I found no3. Great? No. I now recall it's the sort with no boss at the bottom for the pump etc. It's destined for the Turbo Esprit as I plan to move from mechanical pump to electric vac pump. Pump bearing pressed out and it's easy to see where the old coolant had crept past the seal.

So I cleaned the old ali water pump body and prepared to paint it in ali engine lacquer. Oh well, that tin of paint is empty and what little had been left was dried as the lid must have leaked slightly. I'll have to get some during the week.

Ah well, onto the dampers.

Old one off on the passenger side and it's easy to see why two things happen. 1) it bounces a bit on the front end, 2) it passed the MOT test as there was no oil leaking form it.
This was because the oil must have left many years ago and as the car had been standing unused by the previous owner the oil on the outside must have slowly drained off the metal.
2nd hand AVO now fitted to that side.

While I had that wheel off I removed the track rod end, freed off the locking nut (2 big hammers) and replaced the steering rack gaiter. The other side had been done before the MOT test but this was seen as a "nice to do" although once off I found a small hole in the old one. I also set the TRE in by half a turn to straighten up the steering wheel, I'll have to adjust the other one out half a turn to equal it out.

So, abit more progress but not all that I wanted to do was achieved mainly due to wasted time looking in that really untidy garage.
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Well, other damper is on and water pump is located. I'd lent it to Terry (local Excel owner) and had meant to go and pick it up but had forgotten until this week.

Picked up a pair of seals for the rear differential from the Local Toyota dealership, £16 + VAT each. Now the decision, fit the seal (or seals) in place with only removing the driveshaft and output shaft, remove the whole differential and fit new seals off the car or... fit the LSD that I had on the green car before scrapping it.

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