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Suspension rebuild



Hi everyone,

I thought i would share the progress of the lotus esprit 1988 restoration project. It was never supposed to be a full restoration project. More just a tidy up, then one thing led to another and alot of money and parts down the line it has become a restoration. I am looking after the mechanical things and the old man is doing the electrical and interior side.

Big job to do: 

- Exhaust manifold repair

- rear calipers refurbished

- full suspension re build

These big jobs led to lots of smaller side jobs.


Picture of how it was at the start. Not bad on the surface. But the mechanical side of things needed alot of TLC.


One thing let to another. Front spring was burst bit in taking the hub off the lower ball joint fell apart. This lead to finding out all of the bushing bolt has corroded to the bush sleeves so had to be cut out. This then led to wanting to change the upper wishbone bushes and ball joint. O ly to discover that the upper wishbone stud was solid inside the mount. After lots and lots of heat and force the pin came out. 

All front suspension components have been changed. The lower wishbones had to be changed after the balljoint collar was found to be enlarged so wouldnt accept a new ball joint and hold onto it. 


Much better now.

Thanks for reading. Lots more to follow. Any advice, hints or tricks greatly appreciated.


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