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Chord Electronics Open Day With Special Guest Rob Watts - October 27th!




Hi Everyone,

I have a feeling this is going to be a very popular open day as Chord Electronics have got some great new products launching at the moment but we are also going to have Rob Watts on hand to run a couple of presentations and will also be floating around for the day to answer any questions you may have, for those who don’t know Rob, I can’t imagine there are many to be honest, well basically he is the designer behind Chord’s award winning Dac’s and Scalers, it could be argued that he is the guy pushing digital forward at the moment so it will be an amazing opportunity to hear from the man himself the work involved in creating these amazing Dac’s and what the magic is that really makes them so universally acclaimed and loved by so many, we will also have other representatives from Chord here to help run the day.

What’s on Demo?


So the idea for the day is that in our upstairs demo room we will be running Hugo TT 2, M Scaler and TToby, in the Naim room we will have Dave / Blu 2 feeding our Naim 500 System into the new PMC Fenestria Speakers to show that Chord’s Dac’s will work in any system then in the Highend Room we will have a full Chord Setup running with Dave at the heart again into a pair of Wilsons and finally in the Headphone part we will be showing if Hugo 2, Mojo and Poly and hopefully we can get another Hugo TT 2 to feed a Highend Stax System, it’s certainly going to be a busy day :)

Please see below for the full Chord Electronics range on our website -

Vinyl For Sale

To add a bit of variety to the day we will have Chris here, that many of you will now know, with his vinyl for sale, this is always very popular and will bound to be as busy as ever.

So there will be plenty to keep everyone entertained for the day and it is a great opportunity to hear the new Hugo TT2, M Scaler and Etude Amp along with other Chord goodies in a variety of different systems.


Bearing in mind how popular Chord are and that we will have Rob Watts here I am expecting this open day to be one of our busiest so if you are planning to come along can you please send me a quick e-mail to the below so we know how many people to expect, thanks.

[email protected]

Many thanks and look forward to seeing everyone on October 27th for what promises to be a fun, and with Rob Watts here, a very educational day.








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