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Introducing the New Devialet Reactor, The Best Things Really Do Come In Small Packages!




Hi Everyone,

So Devialet are always pushing the boundaries and todays announcement of the new Devialet Reactor is no different, think of this as a smaller Phantom but with all the same qualities that made the Phantom so popular but in a package that is 4 times smaller, it really does have to be seen and heard to really understand how impressive the new Reactor is.

I heard it a couple of months ago and was pretty gobsmacked to be honest, when you first see it you can’t help but think, ah that is cute, especially when standing next to it’s bigger brother but then you start playing some music and it really is hard to comprehend how such a big, powerful and full sound is coming from something so small, the Phantom is really impressive but the Reactor is almost more so due to the quality of the sound from such a small package, don’t get me wrong the Phantom still sounds better but when you think the Reactor starts at £990 then it really hits home how impressive this little wireless bluetooth speaker is that like Phantom can be run singular or in a stereo pair or even in a multi speaker setup through the house.

There are 2 in the Reactor range which will be added to our website very soon, please see below -

  • Phantom REACTOR 600 • 95 dB SPL - 600W 
  • Phantom REACTOR 600 • 95 dB SPL - 600W 
  • Phantom REACTOR 900 • 98 db SPL - 900W

Devialet are using the saying “Unreasonable Sound’ to promote the Reactor and I think that really does sum it up perfectly, we will have both models on demo shortly so please feel free to get in touch to discuss in more detail.

Please find a video and some pictures below -









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