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Chord Electronics Hugo TT 2 Now On Demo!




Hi Everyone,

I know there has been a lot of people looking forward to the Hugo TT 2 so it is great news that we now have our demo one in store and up and running, I run a Hugo TT at home so really looking forward to trying the TT 2 myself as I can see one ending up in my system asap.

The M Scaler is due any day now also, again really looking forward to trying this as although I know how well it works with the Blu 2 and Dave it really be really interesting to try it paired with the Hugo TT 2 as it makes such a neat solution.

Trade In

So far we have had a lot of people upgrade from their Hugo TT to to TT 2, if this may be of any interest please feel free to get in touch to discuss the options.

Chord Open Day - October 27th

Finally don’t forget our Chord Electronics open day on October 27th where Rob Watts himself will be on hand to discuss the all things DAC’s and Scalers, we have had a lot of people register so far so as I though it is going to be a very popular day :) More info below -

Right, I have just hooked up the Hugo TT 2 to the Stax T8000 / SR-009S system so time to go and have a good listen.



Playtime, I can see this being a late night at the office :)




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