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Fyne Audio Speakers Now On Demo!




Hi Everyone,

So I think it is fair to say that I do like my speakers as we do have a fair collection of different brands here at HFL but if I am totally honest I have never found a brand that I feel happy to offer our customer’s at the cheaper end of the spectrum as really we don’t really get going to around the £2000 mark which I have always known is a bit steep for a lot of people but if we are going to bring a brand on at HFL then I really do have to believe in it myself.

Enter Fyne Audio whose speakers start at £179 unbelievably, well funnily enough when I was contacted to see if I fancied a listen to one of this new brands speakers I wasn’t overly enthused as I thought we had enough speaker brands and I really needed another one like a hole in the head but I had heard good things about them through the grapevine so my appetite was wetted a little but in all honesty in my mind I was ready to politely decline bringing on another speaker brand, well that was until I heard them :)

I was with a customer so Dave, the Fyne Audio representative, set up a pair of the brands F501 small floorstanders priced at £1199 with the Rega Elex-R amp using a BlueSound Node 2 into a Chord Qutest, once ready I sat down thinking of excuses to decline bringing on Fyne Audio but then from the first couple of minutes of Bozz Scaggs ‘Thanks To You’ I knew we had something interesting here, in the end I sat there for an hour trying song after song and they never failed to impress, I just kept shaking my head in disbelief that this was a £1199 speaker, how they do it for the money I have no idea as they are really well made, have some really interesting technology in but most importantly are very musical.


It is pretty easy to get blown away with a mega bucks speaker but I would say that it is arguably more impressive for a speaker to really impress at this level so needless to say that I signed on the dotted line there and then and before I knew it we had another speaker brand on our portfolio but the great news is that we now really can cater for most music lovers regardless of budget as we can now put a system together for under £1000 which was impossible before Fyne Audio came on board.

Fyne Audio are a Scottish based company made up of several people who have over 200 years of experience in the HiFi game between them so they certainly know their stuff, other exciting Fyne news is that they are starting with their F300 entry level Series but also have plans for a F1 Series which goes up to £24,999 with other ranges in between so although they are a new company I would say they are definitely a company to keep an eye on as they have got off to a cracking start and have already won a few awards so I can’t wait to hear some of their higher end models.

Please find the Fyne Audio range of products announced so far below, at the moment we have the F501 on demo with the F500 and F502 to follow shortly so if you’d like a listen please feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo -








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