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PMC Speakers Open Day Featuring Fenestria - December 1st!




Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that on December 1st we will be holding a PMC Speakers Open Day with the main attraction being the epic new Fenestria Speakers, these really do need to be heard to be believed, driven by the amazing Bryston 28B3 Power Amps delivering 1 Kilo Watt into each channel, I hooked these up to the Fenestria’s yesterday in my mission to get the absolute best from them and the 28′s really did transform their character giving a more powerful sound but also bringing extra separation, finesse as well as control, these really are amazing amps that really have taken the Fenestria to another level.

Learn About the Fenestria’s Development

There really are some great innovations on the Fenestria’s so Oliver Thomas, the lead designer, will be holding a presentation in the morning and maybe another in the afternoon to run through the development process that took 5 years so everyone really can understand why these speakers sound so good, we will also have Tom from PMC here playing the tunes and to answer any questions you may have regarding the current range of PMC Speakers.


We will be running PMC speakers in other rooms, probably with the Twenty5.24′s driven by the PMC Cor amplifier in our upstairs demo room and the Fact.12′s in the so called ‘Highend Room” so it will be a good chance to see and hear why PMC are our biggest selling speaker brand and why we are such fans here at HFL.

This is our last open day of 2018 so please feel free to come along and join us, if you are planning on coming along can you please fire me over an e-mail to the below address, ta -

[email protected]

We will have refreshments throughout the day so hope to see you on December 1st to experience these amazing new speakers from PMC which funnily enough are actually built just a couple of miles away at PMC HQ in Biggleswade, it all happens around here :)

Many thanks,







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