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Brigadiers Audio Mu.2 Speakers Now On Demo, You Really Need To Hear These!




Hi Everyone,

So firstly I am really pleased to add Brigadiers Audio to our portfolio, I’m sure it is not a name everyone will be familiar with, I had honestly never heard of them before but they really do have something quite special to offer with their Mu.2 speakers. Brigadiers Audio are an Australian company based in Sydney that have over 150 years experience between them, they draw on the design experience of noted Australian designer Brad Serhan, who has been designing ‘award winning’ loudspeakers for over 30 years and the design skills of Brad’s business partner electronic engineer Morris Swift. Their speakers use some of the best drivers in the world with an extremely high quality crossover to give a sound that really does defy the size of the speaker helped by a solid birch ply cabinet, they may be small but they come in at 10kg’s each so certainly not light.

I like to think we have most bases covered at HFL but there has always been one gap and that is a high quality mini monitor type speaker, ok we’ve got some brilliant speakers like the PMC twenty5.21′s, the Sonus Faber Olympica 1′s up to the Wilson Audio TuneTot’s but they are still a reasonable size and if I’m honest this is one area that has not overly excited me, I am definitely a floor stander type of guy.

But that all changed the other day, Andy Moore from Mian distribution got in touch to say he has this awesome little speaker and I really should listen to it, so just out of politeness really I said bring them in and I’ll have a quick listen, in all honesty I wasn’t expecting much but how wrong was I, after the first song I was hooked, I just couldn’t believe the size of sound from such a small speaker but more importantly it was the quality of sound, they are just so natural and musical, there’s a real solidity to the presentation, it really is difficult to put it into words but these speakers really do have some magic and I can honestly say this is the first small speaker that I would be excited to listen to.

Funnily enough I only unboxed them yesterday and I put them next to our Fenestria’s as in the pictures to get some hours on them, I had a demo booked with a lovely couple, hello Gordon and Jackie :) like me they had never heard of Brigadiers Audio but they were so impressed with what they heard they actually bought a pair on the spot, funnily enough they were amazed once they realised it was the Mu.2′s playing and not the Fenestria’s :) they just couldn’t believe the overall quality of sound so that definitely wasn’t a bad start.

I think it is fair to say that Brigadiers Audio are a reasonably small company at the moment but they are extremely fastidious paying great care and attention to every speaker they build to the point they can apparently only make one pair of speakers a day, one things for sure they are going to have to figure out a way to up production once word gets out how good they are.

I should mention that we use them with another of our new brands, the Solidsteel SS-6 speaker stands which work brilliantly with the Mu.2′s and if you buy the 2 together you save £280.

There is a great review from Stereonet under the downloads tab in the link below which actually gets it spot on so if interested please have a read.

So what with adding Fyne Audio recently to fill a gap at the lower end and now what with adding Brigadiers Audio I really think we have something for everyone when it comes to speakers.

For me I have always thought that if you could fit in a floorstander then you would but the Mu.2′s for me are the first speaker that even if you are not looking for a standmount speaker you should consider these, basically if you are looking for a high quality speaker then definitely gives these a listen and see what you think, hopefully you’ll be as impressed as me.

We are planning a open day with Brigadiers Audio for around February time so please watch this space.











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