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New Demo Kit at HFL, Sonus Faber, Naim, Pioneer, Fyne, Meze, REL & Devialet!



Hi Everyone,

Generally I like to blog each new individual product that we put on demo at HFL but with a combination of receiving a lot of new demo equipment lately and being extremely busy in the run up to Christmas, I’m definitely not complaining, then I just haven’t been able to find the time so I have compiled a list below of a lot of the new stuff on demo, I’ve also bought on a couple more brands lately that I will announce in a separate blog.

I have to say that I don’t think we’ve ever been busier, it still amazes me how many people are out there that love their music and their HiFi and are willing to spend serious amounts of money on it as I am constantly aware that everything we sell is a total luxury and no one needs any of it, luckily music is so important to so many people that they are willing to invest in it, here’s hoping it continues, regardless of Brexit :)

Anyway onto the new kit -

Sonus Faber


Really pleased that we now have the Sonus Faber Sonetto range on demo, at the moment we have the Sonetto II and III on demo with the VIII to follow shortly, I have to say that in classic SF the III are one of the prettiest small speakers I have ever seen, luckily they sound excellent as well, no one makes a speaker like SF and these Sonetto’s have definitely opened the sound up compared to the Venere’s so I am sure these are going to be very popular.

Naim Audio


So the ND555 and NDX 2 have really moved things forward compared to the prevois generation of Naim streamers so it is great to now have the new entry level ND5 XS 2 on demo, the big thing with this is that it is screenless but the Naim app is one of the best in the business and it is also Roon ready so you could argue there is no need for a screen and at £2299 it really is great value for the performance you get.

Meze Audio


This is actually one of our new brands, Meze are a headphone brand that have generally been at the lower end but with the Empyrean they have definitely gone up market and have created a headphone that is causing a lot of interest due to a  world first in a new driver design, they are a Planar Magnetic but they certainly don’t sound like any Planar I have heard before -

Fyne Audio


When we bought on Fyne Audio I really didn’t know what to expect as we haven’t really done speakers at this price point before but the F501′s have proved a big success, have to say stick them on a Rega Elex-R and they really do sing so I am pleased to say that we now have the bookshelf version on demo and they are equally as musical, at £599 they are amazing value.



I have said before that I have always been a big fan of Pioneer’s disc spinners, I used to own their epic LX91 which was my first taste of a high end player many years ago now so I was  delighted when I heard that Pioneer had taken up the mantle from OPPO to create 2 audiophile 4K players, we have had the UDP-LX500 on demo for a few weeks now which has been popular but now I am glad to say we have the one I’ve been waiting for on demo, the UDP-LX800 which has not been created to hit a price point but solely to get the best performance and I’m glad to say the wait has been worthwhile as it got a brilliant review in this month Home Cinema Choice saying that this is basically the best sounding UHD player ever built, can’t ask for more than that I’d say :) I have a scanned copy if you’d like me to send it over, just let me know.

REL Acoustics


Why we are on a cinema theme I just wanted to announce the REL have just announced a severely limited edition version of their S5 subwoofer, basically a carbon main driver taken from the G1 and the passive driver taken from the 212SE in the S5 chassis to create something very special indeed, it may be priced at £800 more than a standard S5 but I expect it to be very special indeed for music and cinema, I have actually ordered one for home, if this is of interest though you’d better act fast as I think the UK are only receiving 20 form a worldwide run of 100, so very limited indeed.

Devialet Reactor Update


This is just a quick heads up to say that we now have our Reactor stock in so if you are interested please feel free to come in for a listen and you can take one away, in the run up to Christmas I expect these to be very popular but I have a couple of Reactor 600′s in stock and 4 x 900′s but that is all we could get for this year, have to say they really are incredible considering their size.

So I think that is enough for today but as you can see there is certainly a lot going on at the moment which really is great news.

If any of the above are of any interest please feel free to get in touch.




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