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Its been a while so here is whats been happening on 469H. Suspension parts were sandblasted and painted along with other misc. parts including gas tanks. I also coated the insides of them with a tank sealer that works well. I've started assembly on the body. Doors are assembled and installed on the body. Headlight pods are assembled and installed on body. Pedal box/brake booster and steering column installed. Wiring is re-routed throughout the body and tailights installed. Gas tanks installed .U.S.venting/tubing installed in engine compartment.

I decided to keep my reproduction American Spec. bumpers. I re-worked them so they are more attactive and authentic looking. I shaved them down by about 1 1/2 inches so they do not protrude so far off the body. Then I smoothed them out to get rid of the aftermarket textured finish, and finally painted them satin black to match the original finish more closely.
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