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A weekend of little progress

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This weekend I spent the first half of Saturday helping Owen with his oil pipe, this time the correct one was supplied.
Sunday I helped Simon with his TE engine, it is back together (despite me forgetting to take a clutch alignment tool so had to do it by eye) and back in the car although it's just placed in there and everything that connects it to the car is not yet in place.

So, what did I do on the E906?
I pulled the ignition system apart and found a couple of issues that may have contributed to the poor emissions results. The vacuum capsule was only held to the steel pate by one of the three spot welds, and the dissy cap had a chunk missing, where the lower cap clip rests.

The former issue gave me some options, replace dissy (2nd hand), replace capsule (new from SJ would be approx the same cost as the whole dissy from Mike), weld the capsule or something else.
I went for something else and used epoxy adhesive to glue it back in place. Time will tell as to whether this is a suitable alternative.

The latter issue was simple, new cap care of Matt Debbage. Just timed it back up and it's running fine. I did notice some marks from arcing on two of the posts in the old cap (which was newish when I purchased the car), these may have been due toe the poor resting position and movement of the cap.

Still waiting for bolts for front ball joints, still waiting for rear dampers. Must get diff seals done / diff replaced.
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